Next week is the final week for this semester. I have decided to live with my best friend during the last year in my college life, which means I need to spend more time on moving my furniture to another place. I tried to manage my time between final peojects and personal things this week, which made me tired during the whole classes. I also wrote up the EEP plan for next semester and start planning for the capstone completion before graduation. I hope I can continue working on projects that I am passion with in my life.

This week I actually get sick and so much things going on at the same time which make it hard for me to balance all of them. I collected the content and different Chinese elements from different dynasties for my capstone project. I also make sketches of the infographic and illustrations to make sure what kind of style I want. During the last week of the semester, I will keep doing layout and sketches for my capstone project.

What forms did you make this week? (Show — Image)

What did you learn from making those forms? (Tell — Text)

I collected many Chinese elements and made some samples of different styles of Chinese elements. I also tried to combined them with contemporary fashion while looking at different samples from benchmarks. They give me lots of different ideas of how to balance those elements well. I believe this kind of activity can help me approach more on what I am seeking for my capstone project.

What did you make this week related to your project?

I talked to Xinxin Xiong, a Chinese design director from Ningbo Huaman Company. We chat for an hour and talked about the format and content of my capstone project, she give me some advices about the layout and illustration skills. I showed her my draft, she sent me some samples of different benchmarks. I also work on another draft piece about fabric this week to see what kind of illustration fit the theme more.

The draft piece I’ve done this week

I will keep doing small pieces of samples to see the effects during the rest of the semester.

Since the first round of job search passed, I still received 0 interview. During my spare time, I started thinking about the problem I have. I checked my work during these years, I checked the work from my favorite artists, I compared them. I thought a lot about some philosophy…

Use the table not only to select methods, but also to write survey questions, interview questions, and general questions that you have as you approach your methods.

Interview Questions:

•What do you think about the evolution of Chinese traditional clothing

compare to the European style?

• What do you think the audience would be?

• What kind of format you think is better for the project? Infographic or


•Do you have any suggestions for the work booth?

Based on the emails that you wrote during the improv exercise, what might your DAAP Works booth look like?

I think my DAAP Works booth will based on traditional Chinese style, I will put different small objects which have red color and make people think of China when they see the booth at first glance. From the emails, I see that people might ask questions about Chinese culture, and since red is the symbol color of China, people might seen a totlly different style to the others. I believe there will be call in questions and disagreements with my decisions to the booth, but this is my idea for the final deliverables.

What are your strongest three to five secondary sources so far?

  1. Lao, S. (n.d.). Chinese Traditional Clothing Evolution. Huaxia Hanyun Net.
  2. History of Chinese Clothing. History of Chinese Traditional Clothing & Dress of Different Dynasties. (n.d.).
  3. Yeromiyan, T. (2021, June 1). Introduction to Traditional Chinese Clothing: Chinese Language Institute. CLI.

Who are your contact people/experts?

  1. Xinxin Xiong, Design director in Ningbo Huaman Company in China, who is expertise in traditional Chinese style illustration.
  2. Jiayang Lyu, Graduated student from UC.

I am trying to contact with Xinxin this weekend, and after I finish the brief, I will try to contact Jiayang.

Since I changed my topic to Chinese culture, the problem I want to mitigate is the traditional impression of the Americans to Chinese. Recent years, there were lots of accidents occured because of the discrimination to the Chinese. The impression of Chinese people is short height, small eyes, black hair and weak body. What people see is not the “true Chiese”. We have 5,000 years of history, our ancestors create tremendous amount of outstanding culture which is hard for the foreigners to understand. I hope I can introduce as much Chinese traditional culture as I can in my capstone project.

Consider writing about your Primary and Secondary sources…

Personally, I changed my ideas for the capstone project. Now I limit the ideas to three categories: character design, animation and illustration. These are the three things that I loved in my life. I want my capstone project be selected from these…

Yuxuan Chen

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